TDE is an international company based in Turin, which is set up to supply equipment and special tools for the permanent deformation of material. We have been working in this particular field for more than 25 years, we can support all our customers thanks to the thirty years of experience of our technicians.




The merit for achieving this goal is shared equally by the founders of the company and its co-workers who, with great tenacity and commitment, have always carried out their work with a great feeling of responsibility.




Participating at trade fairs and through far-reaching in-depth research, Tde srl has gained a firm footing on the world market, acquiring leading customers, also in italy.



Our range is composed by many types of tooling, including:

  • Hard metal dies
  • Sector dies and punches
  • Nut forming dies
  • Steel perching punches and with carbide insert
  • Carbide integral punches
  • Cut-off bushes
  • Hard metal extruders
  • Blanking dies for all shapes with innovative lining system that increases productivity
  • Complete tooling for any type of multi-station forging machine existing today on the market


Our equipment covers the nuts and bolts, screws sector and all those that use tooling for extremely precise, high quality metal forming to drawing.

We highlight that, thanks to high precision and perfect working system of all the above-mentioned tools and of all the special ones, we have been operating since a lot of time for mediacal field (such as orthopaedic and health care), automotive field (every type of vehicle) and house equipments too.



Reg. n. 1021-A
UNI EN ISO 9001-2015

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